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There’s a galaxy 周方方霸座hurtling towards our Milky Way that could wipe out life on Earth


Researchers are warning that the collision could “knock us out of the 男的照片Milky Way and into space”.


A nearby galaxy is set to slam into the Milky Way and the “catastrophic event” could knock our solar system into disarray, according to startling scientific anal,仙剑奇侠传4,斗破苍穹电视剧calculations.

Astrophysicists at Durham Uni诺坎普惨案versity conducted a computer simulation to find out more about the movement of the Large Magellanic Cloud (LMC), a satellite galaxy that orbits supertofuthe Milky Way.



What they found was astonishing. It turns out that the LMC is set to smack straight into our galaxy.

Even though the galaxy is 63,000 light years from the Milky Way and currently heading away from us at a rate of 250 miles per second, it is set to eventually slow down and head back towards us.



The collision will shake the whole Milky Way and, while it may not directly impact our Solar System, lead researcher Dr Marius Cautun warns the collision could “knock us out of the Milky Way and into space.”The collision will cause stars to move and increase the risk of stars being shifted into new gravitational pulls, which could change the orbit of planets. If杭州漫奇妙动漫制作 there is even a small variation in the distance between Earth and our Sun, this could move us from t蚊子静he ‘Goldil何亮平ocks zone’ and make the planet too hot or 阎维文夫妻情mv视频too cold for life to survive on.

这次碰撞将震动整个银河系,虽然它可能不会直接影响我们的太阳系,但首席研究员Marius Cautun博士警告说,这次碰撞可能“将我们从银河系中撞入深空”。碰撞将导致恒星移动并增加恒星转移到新引力的风险,这可能会改变行星的轨道。如果地球和太阳之间的距离变化很小,这可能会使我们从“金凤花区域”移开,使地球过热或过冷而无法生存。(译注:金凤花区域:使智慧生命成为可能的狭窄参数频带.地球和宇宙正好落在这样一个参数频数范围内,使能够构成智慧生命的化学物质得以产生.在宇宙的物理常数和地球的特性方面已经发现了几十个这种金凤花区域。)

But don’t panic just yet! Luckily, this intergalactic collision isn’t set to take place for another 2.5 billion years.

On the bright side, scientists say that this scary event would actually “restore the [Milky Way] to normality.” The赵棋荣 Milky Way is quite an金焰和秦文 unusual galaxy, with a small b2号旗尺寸lack hole and far less stars in its halo than other g香妃卷培训alaxies.



Once the LMC smashes into it, “the central supermassive black hole will increase in mass by up to a factor of 8,” the team explains.

“The Galactic stellar halo will undergo an equally impressive transformation, becoming 5 times more massive.”





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